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Tiger-Sons of Anarchy Dog by lighteningfox
Tiger-Sons of Anarchy Dog
The dog Tig rescued in SOA looks more dog than pit to me but ah well xd

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Prospect sighed he leant against a car which had come in for servicing an Audi TT in Sepang Blue, it's first service he knew from just looking at the car that nothing would be found wrong with it, it gleamed and when the owner brought it in it purred like a kitten.
Owners pride and joy alright not a scratch on it probably had only been used as a run around for shopping in the city without even looking at the dial he knew that it's mileage was low probably someones second car.

He stretched and yawned getting up and grabbing a brush sweeping the forecourt and making sure it was free of leaves and debris before getting the pressure washer and giving it all a thorough clean he knew what the club expected of him an errands boy one to do the tasks that others did not like to do the dirty work.

He didn't mind it gave him a purpose and he felt that he had found a place where he belonged a real family....not the parents that dragged him up and threw him out on the streets as a kid if it hadn't been for Terrence, Carter or Gray he probably would not have made it they had accepted him and had given him tasks to do because of this he had learnt some skills of the trade.

He finished cleaning the forecourt making sure there was no oil spills before he started in the shop making sure everything was in order and spotlessly clean and also tidying up the messier side of the club clearing away bloodstains which had gone on with their illegal dealings now few and far between but sometimes you had to have certain people meet Mr Mayhem.

He finished cleaning it took him all of half  a day and he was in need of a break he grabbed a bottle from the vending machine and rested against the fence watching some of the members cleaning their machines he smiled ruefully that was one thing he wanted to be accepted into the club as a fully patched in member and one day even have his very own bike but until that day he was happy with his lot.

He noticed Barry a rat who was the newest patch he did not trust him their was something about him that did not sit right with the young coyote.
Barry was always shifty looking as if he was always planning something, scheming if there was a rat in the clubs midst he could very likely imagine it to be him and not just because he was a rat.
Barry looked up at him and a grin crossed his features not a good one either a malevolent gleam came into his eyes he would have some fun with the Prospect he knew that the coyote would not find it fun though.

"Hey Prospect, could you come over here and give me a hand please? I'm having trouble accessing the water tank to the radiator you look stronger than I am my muscle is more wiry."

Prospect looked at him and cocked his head before going over with a sigh he had nothing else to do that was certain he had done the tasks he was required of so was willing to help he did not know it was a trap although he had reservations about helping Barry.

He went near the car the engine still felt quite warm he could feel the heat from it he looked at Barry suspisciously now doubting him and shied away slightly.

"You sure the engine's cool enough, seems to be quite a lot of heat coming from it."

Barry smirked and shook his head with a sigh and patted him on the shoulder.
"You're a Prospect, I have way more experience than you at these thing what do you know anyway your just a rookie pretty much."

Prospect sighed he still doubted what the rat was saying but went against his better judgement and unscrewed the cap steam and boiling water bubbled up as the cap was released and scalded the prospects hand and wrist he yipped in pain and stumbled back his arm hurt all the way up to the elbow he growled and launched himself at the rat pushing his head down onto the cars still hot engine smelling the singing of fur and then the burning of flesh as the rat face and ear started to burn.
An agonised squeal left him and he flailed kicking out at the prospect causing him to let go.

The rat ear was half gone melted away and his face had a horrible angry red burn which was devoid of fur and starting to blister, he snarled and punched prospect hard in the side of the head before kicking him hard in the ribs and stomache Prospect curled up to defend himself his tail tucking as he heard his ribs crack.
The rat then walked off to get treatment, prospect pulled himself to his feet with a whine his whole body racked with pain he staggered into the shop and grabbed a wet rag wrapping it around his hand and arm which brought him some relief he then went to the clubhouse and sat down in a chair and held his ribs with a pained snarl.
He did not seek medicl treatment as he feared that that would drop the rat in it and that would make his life even more hell, the scald he got was a bad one and he had no idea how to treat them he just kept it wrapped in the rag he had found in the garage.

He needed to rest his body hurt like hell the rat had really done a number on him he felt somewhat better for the fact that he had got his mark on the rat and had not just let it slide like he usually  did.
Making of an Enemy....
well Barry isn't a nice guy at all and that is shown in this story it just goes to show you can never trust anyone, or prospect thinks that now anyway.
Gray stood at the bar drinking a bottle of beer he flicked a floppy ear listening to the discourse around him the banter of friends and family.
He was proud of them all well nearly all of them there was one or two he did not yet trust and certain things that some members did upset him.
He frowned slightly things had been getting tough for the club of late and he knew sooner or later they would be out of the gun trade it was a matter of time they were playing it cool biding their time for the right moment.

Some members had been lost in a gun fight they were only half of their usual number and although that was six months ago he was still upset that he had lost so many good men in a way he blamed himself.

His head cocked as he thought he heard a voice from the past but that could not be that voice had not been heard for so many years as the person it belonged to was dead of course it was a memory and nothing more but it sounded so clear.

"We have to make this club something great and that means cleaning up our act or we'll go under we won't weather the storm."

The voice had belonged to the old Pres Carter Garrison but he had long ago died , he and Terrence had covered for his drinking problem when they put him in the ground said he died a hero and only those who were old members of the club knew the truth of it.
He had almost seen his present Pres. crumble and fall apart on the death of Garrison but they both had managed to weather the storm and keep his memory alive and run the club somewhat like he would have wanted but getting out of guns that would take time.

He sighed certain members of the club drank too much and he realised he would probably soon have to put restrictions on how much they could drink he did not want to see others go the way that Garrison did his death had not been an easy one and it was somewhat painful.
Seeing a good friend waste away to a shell was the worst of it and the images still haunted Gray as time and drink caused the lustre to leave his good friend and almost brothers eyes.

He shook his head and looked at the bottle in front of him, some times he felt like giving up the drink altogether maybe it would be for the best dull down those old pains and the nagging voice at the back of his mind that the stuff was poison.
He growled inwardly and left the drink on the bar and stalked over to where one of the members was drinking what appeared to be a bottle of whisky he snatched it out of his hand and returned it to the bar his muzzle wrinkled in a slight snarl as the dog got up to protest and even threatened to hit him.

"You know the rules, there's a limit for a reason if you carry on like you are it won't be an enemy's bullet that will kill you, you'll do it all yourself.
I've seen too many lose their way because of the drink and well if you carry on you won't be capable of carrying out your duties or riding when needed.
You know you have to be called upon to do tasks and well if your brain is addled what use will you be then?
You certainly won't be any use to our club lying dead in a gutter which will probably end up being your fate if you carry on the way you have been doing."

After delivering this lecture Gray sighed maybe he had taken things too far sometimes he even doubted he was cut out for this any more but he always knew in his heart that this was where he belonged.That he could not just simply leave his family behind they were his reason for living not just his blood but every member of the club.
He made his way up to the roof with a sigh sitting down on the wall overlooking the lot he shook his head sometimes he felt older than his years and quite weary but life had to go on as normal.

He fell back into his memories fighting in the war with most of his comrades now reduced down to two himself and Terrence they were nearly the only ones left of the old members bar Seamus who joined soon after the club formation.
He smiled at the memories of working alongside Terrence and Carter they had been quite the team before Carter demons caught up with him.
he pulled out a cigar and lit it taking in the smoke before exhaling again it was his one weakness maybe he smoked too much he didn't know but at least he wasn't haunted by the demon drink.

He smiled Carter had been a good man took a lot of sacrifices for the club it was because of him why so many of them were left they could have been wiped off the map all that time ago but Carter had made sure that that was not to be, he had almost sacrificed himself to keep the club safe and Gray knew that although he was gone his spirit still seemed to live on in the club.
They survived, even if it quite often was by a whisker, the law was off their backs at least which was something, no one seemed to meddle in their affairs any more and well the law seemed to be kept sweet probably due to their legal businesses either that or the cops turned a blind eye due to the fact that the COA kept the greater foes in check and that left less work for the police.
History Repeating Itself
Gray hates to see those around him drinking too much it's basically one thing which he will not tolerate due to the past and well he knows that drink ends up impairing the mind and if you can't think straight that it can get people killed.

1004 words

Terrence and Carter Garrison MismatchedArtist 
It's amazing how fast time flies, it has been about two years since I joined this pack and I'm feeling more positive. sure I've had my share of hardship but haven't we all.
I have come a long way from where I started and have achieved my lifetime goal of becoming lead guard for the pack, I strove to reach that goal from the very beginning and here I am a great acheivement for me.
But life has also thrown some hardships, not all our pups made it as can be expected sadly. It was a hasrh winter and the fact that some ended up in the pound didnt help things a rescue attempt was tried but was not completely successful.
I just hope some of our pups found loving homes the alternative would be found to hard to bear, considering their fighting spirit as soon as they were born it was clear that both of our spirits ran within them.
Times have changed for sure. leaders have changed but still our beloved and respected leadre Kyoto Whitecross reigns supreme, a good and noble leader who I would gladly give my life for.
You Mora and the surviving pups are what has given me life again and a reason to carry on without you I would be nothing, just a sad dog who would probably have died a very long time ago.
We all have our trials and our happiness and I am eternally grateful to this pack for everything it has done for me I would glady do what I can to make sure the pack is safe whatever the cost.
My surving pups have grown into upright law abiding citizens which I am glad of considering I haven't always been a good role model. Being engrossed in guard duty I have not been around as much as I should have and Mora has been left alone a large chunk of time while I stand on guard and defend this pack but I hope they can all forgive me.
Still she has anaged very well and she is as beautiful and as clever as ever I could not be without her she is the most amazing creature I know and I will love her forever do whatever I can to keep my pack, my family and my pups safe.
We suffered badly at the hands of Dagsworth but things seem to be heading to an uneasy truce both sides have had their share of blood and I believe both are hesitant to suffer so yet again.
Life Goes On 2
Just a short story from Fury point of view x3
In to The DarK...........
I don't know any life seems worthless don't worry I'm not the kind to harm myself but what I fear may happen through other peoples hands

I'm making a son to a character but cant decide on colour, help me choose (of a collie breed basis) 

9 deviants said black and tan tricolour won
5 deviants said red




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