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United Kingdom

When I decide to put my Tokota throus his Rites of Fertility which should I put him through? 

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EVK Red Ensign by lighteningfox
EVK Red Ensign
Make your own Capo custom 
Breed :icongutter-mutt:

Kennel Name: EVK Red Ensign
Call Name: Duster
Breed: Capo Cane D'Italia
Sex: Male
Spayed/Neutered: Intact
Bloodline: Import
Age: 2
Colour:two tone mafia red and blue
Coat type: Curly
Height: 30 inches (76.2 cm)
Weight: 105 lb (47.6 kg)
Personality/bio: Duster just wants to please even though he has an independent streak in him which sometimes does not mean he'll carry out a task first time.
He jumps forward with all four paws not assessing a situation which has led him into getting into a few scraps not everyone likes his enthusiasm and joie de vivre.
He is an extrovert and loves to get on with everyone but not everyone likes him he has annoyed some of the kennel dogs with his over exuberance.
He is very faithful and will do everything he can to please someone, but occasionally his love for life gets in the way and his recall isn't 100%

Duster came to EVK 6 months ago and settled in straight away he does not get on with Ensign, he wants to be his friend but Ensign being the grump will snap at him at any given opportunity so we have to keep them separated at all times.
He is a dream and easy to train despite his sometimes stubborn nature he looks as if he will go far when put through his training as he has a willingness to work and good drive.

Breeding: Closed until titled
EVK's Red Flag by lighteningfox
EVK's Red Flag
Make your own capo option 1/3 breed :icongutter-mutt:

Kennel Name: EVK's Red Flag
Call Name: Ensign
Breed: Capo Cane D'Italia
Sex: Male
Spayed/Neutered: Intact
Bloodline: Import
Age: 2
Colour: black and red (whiteless)
Height: 30 inches (76.2 cm)
Weight: 105 lb (47.6 kg)
Personality: Somewhat dominant with other dogs does not like to be pushed around, extremely strong willed needs a firm hand to get him to do something he does not want to do.
When the mood takes him he can be the most obedient good natured dog but that is extremely rare he has his own agenda and follows his own rules he's a bit of a rebel.
If he is forced into doing something he doesn't want to do he sulks and pretends not to hear you he can be rude and can have bouts of aggression when a dog pushes him too far but he won't harm people.

Bio: Ensign came to us as an import and settled into the kennel pretty quickly despite him tearing his bedding up at first but he got over this and settled down.
He was put through show training as soon as we got him and he is taking to it well he will also be put through his training and titles soon before being shown and bred.

Breeding:  Closed until titled
Ghost Amongst the Pumpkins by lighteningfox
Ghost Amongst the Pumpkins
Capo Cane DiItalia Belle investigates the pumpkins it is the first time she's seen them doesn't look to scared though
Stormtime Monthly show extra entry.

Capo Cane D'Italia :icongutter-mutt:
Belle: Stormtime Monthly Show Main Entry by lighteningfox
Belle: Stormtime Monthly Show Main Entry
Stormtime Monthly Show - October

Closes October 31st - Midnight Standard Central Time

No Preregistration
:new: Now Authorized to give C.A.C.I.B :new:
    The show is located in Boise, ID at the Western Idaho Fairgrounds. The average temperature for September is between 60-68°F (15.5-20 °C) during the day and Mid 40's°F at night . Because of the nice weather the show will be held outdoors. There are many hotels near the showsite, but no host hotel for the show. Snake River is close to the showgrounds, and would provide a nice spot for you and your dogs to cool down. Boise River is also close, but river a fast pace, and is mainly used for white water rafting or canoeing. 
    The fairgrounds have recently been mowed, and the grass is still green. A standard white show fence makes the border for each ring. The Show tent is not longer up. In the spirit of Halloween and October Pu

Showname: EVK Silver Beauty
Age: 6 months
Gender: Bitch
Breed: Capo Cane D'Italia
Kennel: Esk View Kennels
Titles: N/A
Class: Puppy
Group: 2 (working)
Entry:Belle: Stormtime Monthly Show Main Entry by lighteningfox
Other Entries) EVK Silver Beauty Extra Image by lighteningfox Ghost Amongst the Pumpkins by lighteningfox

Story: It had been a while since Esk View Kennels had had capos in their kennel so when this beautiful solid bitch came their way they could not resist taking her on.
It was her first show and she was very inquisitive sticking her nose into everything and everywhere even where it was not wanted getting a quick snap on her nose.
We got up early and walked her around the grounds making sure she had time to relieve herself before the show started and then came the grueling task of getting the tangles out of her silky coat and leaving her looking marvelous and gleaming.
An hour later it was time for the show and the young female looked a bit jittery when she saw all the other dogs milling around she pulled towards them getting a small yank on the lead to get her returning back to heel.
She walked well then and acted almost perfectly I would not say perfect as she is young and her puppy exuberance showed as she skipped about somewhat.
We joined the line of various working dogs and funnily enough she started to behave standing still her nostrils quivering a shake going through her she was scared but also excited she looked to Dante for reassurance and he gave a small ruffle of her head fur making her silky fur stick up somewhat.
Then it was time for Belle to show what she had got and she was put through her paces she had a slight spring in her step but this settled down as she walked along her stride evened out and she walked effortlessly even seeming to smile somewhat.

Then it was time for the stack Dante put her into it and she stood there patiently while the judge ran her hands over her and checked her teeth and eyes which she didn't seem to mind one bit she wagged her tail slightly while she looked over her body.
Then it was over it was time to return to the line and wait to see where she would place.
Despite her puppy exuberance and her goofing about we were proud of her she didn't do badly for her first show.

Capo Cane D'Italia- :icongutter-mutt:
Design :iconspiffyinu:




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