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Going to Finish Off My Shield Wolf pictures

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 24, 2015, 9:38 AM
two more and then long over due tokota work I'll try and get 5 or more done this week.


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United Kingdom

I have recently had a problem with notes not sending when they said that they did who else has had this problem? 

2 deviants said It's happened so many times it's not funny
1 deviant said Not me
No deviants said Me


T-Rex Bravo Two Zero by lighteningfox
T-Rex Bravo Two Zero
Pup number 3 from this litter GSD .:. B Litter .:. CLOSED by T-Rex-Kennel

Kennel Name: T-Rex Bravo Two Zero
Call Name: Bravo
Breed: German Shepherd
Sex: male
colour: bicolour
age:6 months

 GIR's November's War Dog 


Mothernal Great Great Great Great GranDamAdelina
Mothernal Great Great Great Great GrandSire: King ( ref deleted )

Mothernal Great Great Great Great granDam: Alexia
Mothernal Great Great Great GrandSire: Blitz ( ref deleted )

Mothernal Great Great GrandDam: Carpe Diem Kennels' Diamond In The Rough ( ref deleted )
Mothernal Great Great GrandSire: Park Kennel' s Roaring Lion

Mothernal Great GranSire: Cove's Beam Of Light ( ref deleted )
Mothernal Great Grandam: Foreign Frontiers' Silent Wonderer 

Discipline: Tracking, obedience, Schutzhund, agility
Adoption Story: We came to T Rex kennels when we heard that they had german shepherds from good working lines they seemed pretty sound pups when we went to check them out during the first visit and the smallest pup came forward and sniffed at us we knew he would be for us even though his protection drive turned out not to be the best we decided that he may have what it takes as a drug dog.
When we returned back to the kennel he was the only one left and was quite forlorn we knew that some of the more maternal dogs in the kennel would adopt him.
One of the bitches had recently lost a litter and was moping around we knew that Bravo would bring her out of her shell and also she would bring him the comfort that he would need not having his mother or siblings to snuggle up to.

Why you are interested in this puppy: I knew of the mother and knew that she was of sound composition and that the kennel produced quality offspring when given the chance we had to have one.
Breeding (Closed too young)
Ref 5
Pedigree (12) - 12 xp
Health Tested Sire - 3 xp
Health Tested Dam - 3 xp
Honored Sire - 30 xp
Honored Dam - 30 xp
Surveyed Sire - 10 xp
Littersheet - 4 xp 
Litter Health Test Frigg x Riley B Litter Health Test by T-Rex-Kennel - 5xp

Total: 102 xp 
BWK's Spirit Of Love by lighteningfox
BWK's Spirit Of Love
Nero design :iconBeautifulwaters: Number 1 on this litter DelilahX Spirit- CLOSED by Beautiful-Waters (light red)
Kennel Name: BWK'S Spirit of Love
Call Name:Nero
Breed: Lakotha dog
Sex: Male
Age: 12 weeks
Dam: Godess of Love Ch BWK's Goddess of love by Beautiful-Waters
Sire: IMK Beating of A Young HeartBIS GCh.IMk's beating of a young heart *Hornored* by blueshinewolfstar1
Personality: To come
Bio: To come
Disciplines: (when old enough) puppy training, schutzhund, tracking, agility, 

TKC Points 151xp- International  

 Ref 5
Littersheet (4)
Honored Sire (30)
Honored dam (30)
Pedigree (2) 
Bred by breeder of merit (2)
Health Test sire/dam (6)
Littersheet (4) 
Parent owned by BOM (4)
Socializing (30)
A new generation of champions... by Beautiful-Waters 
Socializing (27)
Little Christmas gifts by blueshinewolfstar1

Health little test (5)  
Inbreeding: EX
Bloodline: EX
Genetic defect: EX
Breed standard: EX

Bullet; Yellow Pedigree
Delilah X Spirit Puppies- Pedigree by Beautiful-Waters 
Headshot (2)

Travelling Companions by lighteningfox
Travelling Companions
3/4 of event 2 for Barasa obviously her companion is an arctic fox ;)

The fox and begun to trust Barasa as the days wore on he was young and impressionable, it was his first winter and he had never known how long the winters could last he was not yet a year old but the time was nearing.
He was a good hunter but with prey scarce and the snow too deep and the ice too hard he had come to rely on Barasa for food which was how she won his heart.

Barasa had grown used to have the fox as a companion and had named him Thorri, meaning frozen snow, since he had come in the harshest storm she had ever been through.

The two were survivors and Barasa and Thorri, had pretty much seen through the worst winter that had ever befallen the land in living memory.

The fox was optimistic and he never failed to lighten her sometimes dark moods she would never have thought it possible taking on an animal which she had once seen as prey.

As they ran through the snowy mountain passes she knew that they would have to set up home somewhere but where was the question she smiled at the fox who was tiring from the long journey.

"Come, Thorri lets find somewhere to rest we'll sleep and continue our search tomorrow."

She slowed her pace waiting for the tired fox to get his breath back it had been a full out lope for him to keep up with her and now he was almost done in his tongue hung slack from his jaws a small whine left him as if in answer.

She started to look around for a suitable resting place before curling up under an overhanging ledge, Thorri soon flopping down beside her curling up his tail wrapped around his nose as he succumbed to slumber.
Barasa smiled, yes she was definitely becoming soft that was it ah well she had to admit she kind of liked it.

Shield wolves :iconkique7:

Going to Finish Off My Shield Wolf pictures

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 24, 2015, 9:38 AM
two more and then long over due tokota work I'll try and get 5 or more done this week.

Helping out Someone in Need by lighteningfox
Helping out Someone in Need
Event 2 picture 2/4
Prey was scarce the storm had caused a problem, ones that could seek shelter did others perished due to the storms the ground was too hard to dig for most due to the hard ice that coated the ground.
Barasa feeling hungry decided to try her luck and hopefully get a caribou or something but none could be found she was about to give up when a faint trace of scent caught her nose and she snuffed at the ice, yes there was definitely a trace of scent here.
She began to dig down which was tiring work considering the ice and snow was so thick but eventually she found the body of a caribou.
Her paws were hurting the ice had split the pads she licked her paws before ripping into the kill ravenously eating her fill.
She was about to walk away from the carcass but then she remembered the fox, he was too  small and weak to get through the snow and ice and anyway the small mammals may have perished in the storm.
She ripped at the haunch and returned to where she had last seen him dropping the leg within muzzle reach for him, the fox cowered but leant forwards the smell of meat making him drool.
He looked up at her his ears back a tremor of fear going through him, was this for him and why was she still helping him?
He could not understand knowing that their kind would frequently eat a fox but he hesitantly took a step forward and began to eat ready to bolt at the slightest movement but the shield wolf did not move she stood stock still watching him with interest.




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