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Extended Hiatus No Tokota or DARPG Art

Journal Entry: Mon May 25, 2015, 11:44 AM
I just can't draw it which is annoying only thing I can seem to draw is my anthro and were art I don't know why but I have no muse.
I'm sorry but it all looks shit and I have no feel for it any more.
I don't know when I'll start drawing again so if you wanted anything by a set time limit I suggest you try a different artist because it will look like roadkill.


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United Kingdom


Kings of London by lighteningfox
Kings of London
The gangsters who have the city under their control 
From Left to right
Regile :iconMismatchedArtist
Centre: Gabriel :iconlighteningfox:
Right: Nev :icondpslover:

Stock used London
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)
Well things went much the same from then on explosions throughout of the city, I was learning my way around shadowing Red and learning everything that needed to be learnt which gangs were the worst and which ones were more benign often giving us tipoffs to potential threats within the city which we managed to subdue.
After a few weeks I was on the frontline with the other officers right in the heat of the action......literally.
Well hell would not be far off what we saw and went through buildings, towering infernos the smell of roast flesh and fur strong on the air it almost made you want to gag but you had to stay strong or you would go under and lose your mind like I have seen many do.

A gun battle went on some gang member maybe the one who had started all this started firing on us I saw that members of our team were falling to the ground my ears went back it was like we were all lined up for the firing squad but we shifted position and managed to balance that out a little killing some of their members.

You're meant to keep a level head in this job but...I lost it once when an apartment block I knew my family to reside in caught fire, Red tried to hold me back but there was no stopping me I ran into the inferno looking for survivors I did save some of them but none of them were my family members.
I came out coughing and must have gone in three times before the building became to unsafe to enter by then my fur was blackened and I was suffering a little from smoke inhalation but I wanted to continue bring those who murdered my family to justice it was then that something changed in me I became somewhat withdrawn and kept things bottled up probably not the best thing to do but who did I have to talk to?
A shrink? no thanks I can manage on my own I brushed everything under the carpet and then vowed my vengeance on the gangs responsible I would weed them out one by one pick them off until all the perpetrators were either dead or behind bars where they belonged.
I sighed my ear flicked one of the undercover officers Lars had discovered the whereabouts of one of the gangs and one of our small SWAT teams went in to try and take them out.
It was a blood bath we lost many good men that day and made little inroads only managed to take out a few of their number and there was nothing that we could do to rectify that.

We had to retreat there was no other option recently that had been happening way to often it was as if their numbers were growing and all our efforts were futile that it was a never ending cycle of defeat after defeat.
We later stormed the biggest group again this time they weren't expecting us and we managed to cut them down to size a feeling of grim satisfaction.

I soon found out why Aneal was nicknamed Red there wasn't a fight that he didn't come out of that he didn't look like he had been bathed in blood nearly every part of him was that colour and to actually see him in a fight was sight to behold.

Many would qualm at the sight and run out screaming but I knew he had a deadly efficacy and that if Red was by your side the odds of getting out alive were significantly higher.
Luckily for me he had seemed to take it that I was with him at all times maybe it was because he thought of me as a rookie even though I had been doing such a thing before in my native Ireland.

Things were looking good for us we had killed a third of their number when I looked up there was a young child up there and my eyes went wide as he was dangled over the banister he bawled his eyes out we had to back off or the kid would die we gave ground only to see the child fall tumbling over and over it was a horrible sight to witness I ran forward trying to catch him I could only just hear Red shouts as the blood pounded in my ears and I caught the child only for it to die in my arms it had been a false promise that the child would get out alive he was already mortally wounded guy must have stabbed him before he threw him over the banister. I was aware of gun fire again but only in the distance as I held the boys rapidly cooling form close to my chest.
A single tear leaked from my eye the child was only eight he would have had a lot of years ahead of him but the flame was snuffed out long before its time.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and someone lifted him from my arms I turned and snarled but it was Red concern showing in his eyes he sighed.
"Let him go, he's gone there's nothing we can do for him now if you are up to it join us in making sure no more innocent blood spills and lets take out these bastards if you're not up to it I'll send a few men back with you so you are safe."

I pushed his hand away my ears back as I stood to my feet a whine leaving me but I nodded standing by his side I picked up my gun training it on the top landing where the boy had been thrown from moments before.
I detected movement and with a snarl I pumped him full of lead but not before I got a positive I.D on the guy he didn't deserve to live for what he did and it looked as if the others thought the same.

I took the stairs Red at my side the others giving covering fire as we ran up to the top floor where we were met with more hostility many gang members firing on us but they fell before our guns Red was one hell of a shot and I was grateful for having him by my side.
I was beginning to feel invinsible as many fell before us and we still kept on going despite it all.
The enemies bodies starting to pile up as they refused to surrender and come easy.
I made the office and there were lots more goons standing outside Red was by my side and the others were following we managed to kill several of the henchmen and I opened the doors.
Big mistake a hot sensation and then a major searing, burning pain in my chest as I was knocked backwards off my feet I coughed trying to breathe, despite the bulletproof vest a bullet had found its mark I gasped for breath I could hear gunfire but it was faint I realised I was going into shock a red mist descending over my vision.
I was vaguely aware of being carried out of the place but I wasn't really with it someone started to give me treatment and I opened my eyes it hurt to breathe the pain was excruciating but as long as I could feel pain I knew I was alive.
Red sighed his ears going back slightly he shook his head a slight look of disappointment on his face but also worry as he held something over my chest which I later realised was a credit card I had been lung shot and it was serious alright but Reds quick thinking probably saved my life.
"It's ok you're safe now, they're on their way."

I blacked out then and knew no more, I was in a coma for a month the damage was pretty bad but I was told I would survive but my recovery would be a long one.
It was probably 4 or 5 months later I returned to work and already there was a huge shift in power, the old crime gangs disappeearing new ones forming only one or two of the original gangs managing to hang on to their land.
If we thought things were bad then they were a lot worse now.............half the town had gone how on earth was that possible in so short a time?

The smouldering rubble shown all over the tv made me think it was a disaster movie but seeing it in the flesh was the worst of it all a couple of years later the phoenix would arise from the ashes and the old London which once was, was gone forever the mafia overlords having the town in an iron grasp and there was little that we could do about it.
As I sat there looking over what I had written I scrumpled up the bit of paper and threw it in the waste paper basket, did it help I heard a voice inside me ask.
No, I wanted to answer it just opened up old wounds, I just hoped no one would find it my weaknesses written down the things that have haunted me over the years.........
And yet well it had I was alive, I could fight them again bring them down if I could, alongside my friends in the station it would be a hell of a job who knows we might never do it but where there's life there's hope.
Beginning of The Storm Part 2: The Phoenix Rises
Well just a little backstory for DOI and what haunts Keegan's mind always the loss of his family at the hands of the gangs of London every single one of them.

Keegan Connor :iconlighteningfox:
Aneal 'Red' Connor :iconmismatchedartist:
The sky was grey and overcast the day had been a long one and well I became lost in my thoughts as was the case when a day went awry, most probably think I'm a bit of a jerk and heh I know Red sometimes hate's my company I have to admit I can be a bit full on but then who wouldn't be.
I can take it a bit too far and I know this but in a way it's to keep the great black dog of depression at bay. When you've seen what I have first hand and lost nearly every one you a love it's a fine line to tread between keeping your head above water and sinking below the surface never to rise again.

Damn why do I think such melancholy thoughts, I don't want the past to come back to haunt me but it always does without fail and there is nothing I can do about it.
Sometimes I cant sleep because of it their terrible deaths and that of the citizens of the old London play in my mind and trust me it's nit something you want to go over every night hearing their tortured screams going through your mind day in and day out.

My ears flatten as I head back to my desk I shoulf be leaving for home but I don't fancy that right now it's too depressing too many bad memories when this mood hits me maybe writing it down might help I have heard that but I don't believe it for a minute but I guess it is actually worth a try.

It all started two years ago when I was in Ireland and I got the call from several members of my family saying that they all were in danger and that a gang war was going on......sure I knew it was bad and it had been preying on my mind of late so much so that sleep was nigh on impossible.

My work ethic started to suffer and it was beginning to get to me knowing that they were suffering so, it was really bad and I could bot get it off my mind when the option of a transfer came over I leapt at it the gard did not want to see me go but I somehow managed to presuade them that it was something I needed to do.
I already held an armed police role so it wouldn't be too different I had been called on to stop the unrest between Engladn and Ireland it bought me some enemies but what needed to be done was done.

I waited in the ferry terminal two weeks later, yeah I know flying's quicker but I have bad memories of that and won't step foot inside a plane if I can help it.
The ferry pulled in and after showing my tickets I boarded and made my way up to the upper deck I don't know what it is but I love the sea if I hadn't decided to take the path of law I may have been a sailor.
I sighed and felt a pang of sadness as I saw Irelands emerald shores disappear into the distance I lowered my head not wanting to think what I had left behind and only on where I was going to I may not see Ireland shores again but at least I knew I did it for a good cause.
So off to try and keep the mobs from destroying the city and to protect my family.
I couldn't just bury my head in the sand and do nothing.

I alighted at Dover and got a bus to the nearest train station and made my way into London the delays were apalling but not unexpected due to the present situation what can you expect from a country in turmoil who risked everything in losing everything it stood for for a corrupt organisation taking its helm I could not expect more put it that way and it was something I was willing to fight with with my life if it came to it that is.

When I arrived nothing could set me up for what I was seeing already there were buildings burning people running enshrouded in flame only to fall to the ground, hardly anyone was willing to help they had their own problems to deal with.
I ran forward taking my coat off my back and covering them smothering the flames but it was too late I left my coat covering them the person too horribly burnt to survive such a thing.
What was this hell I had come to?
I kew that this was the beginning and it could only get a lot worse.

I was called by name by an officer at the station opposite it seemed I was expected I looked up from the fallen body and called an amubulance before heading over to the figure who had called me.
It was a brindle dog red in colour looked like a shepherd breed of some sort I sighed and headed over there faking a smile inside my heart was already aching at the suffering that was going on in the city.

"My name is Anael Teller and I'm the chief of SWAT but most of the guys around here call me Red it'd not just because of my coat either.
You must be Keegan we've heard good things about you and well we're glad to have you on the force.
Things are particularly tough around here I just hope you have the stomache for it.......some don't I have seen officers go mad."

I looked up at this man they called Red not a bad looking fella if not a little intimidating his metal hand looked like it could put some ones lights out for good with just one punch.
I sighed and nodded offering my hand surprised at the gents firm grip wasn't expecting him to be so strong I guess.
"Nice to meet you sir, my name is indeed Keegan, Keegan Connor didn't quite expect it to be this bad but yes I have what it takes to stay calm and focused."
The Beginning of the Storm Part 1
Well this will be the first part of a few of how the City of London suffered at the hands of the mobs think of it as backstory to the events leading up to The Enterprises domination from Keegan, a SWAT oficer own personal sense of view.
Charaters mentioned
Keegan Connor :iconlighteningfox:
Aneal 'Red' Teller :iconmismatchedartist:

word count 1041
So with the art of Carlisle and Lars how should I draw them
2 deviants said Individual pin ups
1 deviant said Help me choose
No deviants said fight scene
Night Watch by lighteningfox
Night Watch
Well Red drew the short straw and ended up working with Keegan, a guy known to have a crush on him xd
stock used 18th Century Brick Wall 02
Keegan :iconlighteningfox:
Red :iconmismatchedartist:




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